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Sing by Travis

Thats what i would call Fine Dining Dinner!


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A playground fist fight may not be the most promising start to a long-lasting friendship, nor indeed to the creation of a band; however, it was from these fractious beginnings that the story of Ardentjohn began, some time ago on the Scottish Isle of Bute.

Following an unexpected reunion on Edinburgh’s Princes Street in 2005, the two former primary school pugilists decided to forget the unsavoury incident and to begin making music together. They have since gathered members from places as diverse as Crieff, New York and Alberta.

Currently a six-piece band, they make music on a variety of instruments and record anywhere they can, including loch-side cottages, friends’ box rooms and church attics.

Ardentjohn have performed throughout the UK and spent some time in Italy, as the resident band at Club Bianconiglio. Their music can be found on the When The Time Comes EP (2007) and the brand new debut album On The Wire. Label Fandango will be releasing the first single (Home/Where All Paths Lead) from this album on the 15th February.

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Liverdance by the Kilted Generation

If we are creating a playlist with different songs from all over europe and the world we certainly cant let out the Kilted Generation! These guys are not so famous but they do make a difference in the Streets of Scotland while they sure have the fun of their lifes!

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